Mattie and Al - The Rustic Warehouse

Our Testimony

Meet Matilyn and Al Vivo, owners of The Rustic Warehouse. Full of a passion to help others, a love for all things Rustic, and a dedication to the Lord’s will; The Rustic Warehouse embodies the heart and soul of its founders. Since 2015 when The Rustic Warehouse opened the Lord has done so much. The video below shows the beginnings. Since then the Lord has brought Matilyn a husband, Al Vivo! The Vivo family is thankful for all who have played a part in this journey.

Our Story is one of restoration and God's faithfulness.

We hope that you will be encouraged by our story! The Lord longs to fulfill our passions, after all he put them there. Mattie's story is one of restorations and God's faithfulness to fulfill his purpose for our lives. He makes beauty from ashes, a garment of praise for our mourning. 



We believe that everyone has a God given passion. As people reach for that passion, that burning thing inside them, they reach closer to God. After all He put it there!

For us that passion is to help local artisans and craftsmen bring their products and services to the community. We want to see their business grow and succeed beyond what they ever thought possible. We do this by providing a friendly and hospitable marketplace where artisans and customers meet. Or as we like to call it, The Rustic Warehouse. 

Each booth here has a story and a person who put their heart into each product 💕We’re so proud to these folks in The Rustic Warehouse family! 

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