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The Rustic Warehouse is a proud Stockist of Chalk Paint ® by Annie Sloan. Annie Sloan products are the original and best Chalk Paint in the world and you can now get it right here in Rockwall Texas! We carry all Annie Sloan colors, Paint & Wax Brushes, and all the tools you need to get started on that next project. New to Chalk Paint? Well We’ve got you covered with our many Workshops. Whether you have never touched Chalk Paint in your life or just looking for new techniques, our friendly Annie Sloan experts are sure to make you a Chalk Paint guru in no time!



In Regards to the Global Formula

Here’s a note from Annie;

Hi everyone, I know a few of you have been asking questions re: the new tins of paint. I'm here to explain! In November, the production of Chalk Paint, moved from a factory in the U.S to my very own factory in Oxford, England (right next to my studio!) and I'm really pleased to say that the paint that is now in North America and Australasia is the original European formula that has been continuously tested, adjusted and improved over time. This is the paint I use every single day - it's in my videos and books! It's the same paint that many of your favourite furniture painters from Europe have been using (think Jonathon Marc Mendes).

The paint is thicker and covers more easily! It responds to all of the techniques that I teach and share through my books, how-to's and demos. If you're struggling with the thickness of the paint, remember you can just add a little water to thin it. I recommend a lighter touch and to not overbrush the paint! Take a look at my videos to see how I paint. See Below.

Along with the adjustment in thickness, you may notice a change in colour. This is because this recipe contains little to no black pigment, which is an important development as it means all the colours will mix properly. The colour changes in some colours will be more noticeable than others. For instance, Napoleonic Blue.

When production for North America began in Oxford I decided to add two colours to the global Chalk Paint palette that were similar to the U.S Duck Egg Blue and Paris Grey (Svenska Blue and Chicago Grey). I knew these were very popular and would be missed if they weren't kept. 

If you're looking for help on mixing previous shades or advice on how to use the paint, please get in touch with your local stockist at the Rustic Warehouse.  

Hopefully, you'll have noticed that with the above changes we've moved tins sizes to be consistent with the rest of the globe, this means you're getting lots more paint per tin! I hope this clarifies things and that you all enjoy the paint! 

Annie x