Rustic Windmill Wall Decor 47" Half Size


Rustic Windmill Wall Decor 47" Half Size


Rustic Windmill Wall Decor 47" HalfSize

The 47" Half Size will include 7 blades as shown in the picture, it will be 47" Across the windmill, and will measure Appx 23" From top to Bottom. Expect your Windmill to Weigh about 15-18 lbs as these are made with Solid Metal and based off of real windmill heads. 

Our Windmill Decor Heads are naturally rusted (exception: Industrial Style) and sealed. Some flaking and rub off can be expected.

Will Need Some light Assembly, will include screwing the provided  bolts to the blades and backframe, and running the wire through pre-drilled holes. Hanging Hardware NOT included, Windmills do hang easily by the wire that goes through it. We recommend hanging with a screw into a stud or drywall anchors, or an appropriate weight Money Hook. 

Please Contact Before Purchase If You Have Questions. We can ship to Alaska and Hawaii,  However a surplus shipping charge will be added to order. Please Inquire before ordering. 

Windmills are guaranteed to be processed to be released for shipping within 10-12 Business days, However we try our best to get them out sooner.

*Please carefully check over item specs, including type, size, style, etc as returns are not accepted

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Please Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of your windmill decor. While we often can get them shipped sooner than this, this is our guaranteed time frame.